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Content Development Services (ICS)

We know what it takes to create effective adaptive content. We have worked on many courseware to make them adaptive. We have created personalized digital courses from print solutions as well as digital solutions, We have:

  • Automated, semi automated and manual ingestion of content in PLAiTO through FCAT.
  • Sophisticated tool to tag the content for adaptive needs.
  • Learning Science experts to help you deconstruct your courses in granular adaptive learning units.
  • Development, Enhancement and Maintenance of content with deep instructional design skills.
  • Robust content development process.

Content Composition - Creating, Managing and Publishing Adaptive Learning Content

Ontology and Taxonomy Creation
  • C/SC/SSC Identification
  • Relationships Definitions
  • LG Definitions
  • Data based validation
Content Authoring/Editing/Proofing
  • Course Authoring
  • Proof Reading/Editing
  • Technical Editing
  • Technical Writing
  • Metadata Tagging
Adaptive Content Objects
  • Learning Objects
  • Practice Objects
  • Assessment Objects
  • Remediation Objects
  • Metadata Tagging
Content Repurposing/Conversion

Word/PFD/XML/Legacy Image content to Web Based Personalized Learning Content.

Digital content to Web Based Personalized Learning Content

End User Learning Support (EULS)

We offer Education Publishers the opportunity for them to provide 24/7 end user learning services. These consist of:

  • One to one support to the learners
  • Remote teacher support to the learner after school/college hours
  • Doubt clearance, help with concepts
  • Robust platform enabling illustrative help
  • Adherence to the curriculum and pedagogy as defined by Publishers/School Districts