As you probably know, the central goal of every” hand " or round in blackjack is to beat the crupier. This is achieved by getting a score closer to 21 (blackjack) than the crupier. By failing to do this, you can simply win the chips at the table by avoiding being “caught” (passing 21) when they go. With a relatively small house edge, quick hand change and the chance to duplicate your chip stack in just a few seconds, blackjack's popularity is understandable online casino with huge variety of payment options.

Current Scenario

No Cohesiveness between different players, resulting in framented experience for learners

PLAiTO Offering of Integrated Solution

PLAiTO offers end to end solution consisting of Adaptive and Personalized Learning Platform, Content Development Services coupled with End User Learning Support

Publisher has to just define their requirement, eDreams does the heavy lifting enabling publishers to publishers to present a unique and comprehensive solution to their learners.

PLAiTO White labelled for the Publisher brand, leading to enhancement of brand value.

KPO- Content Creation, Content Re-Purposement, tagging for Personalization, Assessment Creation etc. - is completely taken care by PLAiTO team, thereby allowing publishers to focus on core value proposition.

End User Learning Support (EULS) is managed completely by PLAiTO team as per tearing guidelines defined by publishers.