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Plaito – PLAITO
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PLAiTO is an adaptive and personalized learning platform that consists of AI based adaptive engine, authoring and publishing tools, instructor/teacher analytics application, parent application & interfaces to LMS and end user learning service applications.

Features of PLAiTO

Adaptive Engine

  1. PL Path
  2. Personalized & Contextual Assistance
  3. CCLP
  4. 4ML Engines

Platform API

  1. API Development
  2. API Integration and Testing

Author App FCAT

  1. Meta Data Builder
  2. Question Authoring – Types of Questions
  3. Tutorial Authoring
  4. Workflow Management


  1. Profiling
  2. Interaction
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Tests and Assessments


  1. Learning Control
  2. Real Time Session Tracker
  3. Curriculum Progress Report
  4. Learning Gaps Report


  1. Parent Dashboard
  2. Curriculum Progress Report
  3. Question Trail
  4. Learning Gaps Report

User Administration Module

  1. Schools
  2. Teachers
  3. Students
  4. Parents

PLAiTO Taxonomy

Buy Phentermine Online Canada PLAiTO uses a proprietary modified model of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Student’s learning path is defined by Aptitude, Long-Term Performance, Short-Term Performance, Concept/SC/SSC Completion and Proficiency, Learning Gaps Identified and Resolved and Speed.

Assisted Learning Path

Cheap Overnight Phentermine PLAiTO problems are created to allow identification of specific learning gaps in a concept and enable self-correction through different types of assistance. By encouraging learning through self-correction, Buying Phentermine Online From Canada PLAiTO helps remove and resolve permanently, any learning gaps in the concept.


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Parent App

  • Best Phentermine Pills Online Parent Dashboard – Snapshot of student performance at one glance (time spent, percentile position in class, topics covered etc.).
  • Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Online Curriculum Progress Report – Parent can view the progress made by the child in each topic and its sub-topics.
  • Question Trail – Parents can access to all the questions attempted by the child in every topic and sub-topic and see where he/she is making mistakes.
  • Learning Gaps Report – This report is very useful in pinpointing the frequent errors and mistakes that student makes while working on the various topics. This report will customarily list the top three learning gaps as observed in the student. One can, however, opt to view all the learning gaps that have occurred in the student’s learning curve.

Teacher App

  • Learning control – Teacher can control the topics they want their students to learn. Teachers can lock/unlock the topics as per their lesson plan.
  • Real Time Session Tracker – Teachers can track and see the performance/activity of their students on a real time basis. PLAiTO also requests teacher assistance if it detects that a particular student is struggling with learning.
  • Curriculum Progress Report – This report shows the progress made by the student in each topic, subtopic. There are two views available. Class View – Lists all the topics done by the chosen class. Student View – Presents the list of topics attempted by that particular student.
  • Learning Gaps Report – This is useful in identifying the errors/mistakes frequently made by the students while working on the topics. This report usually lists the top three LGs found in the class/students. However, teacher has the option to view all the learning gaps occurred. Like Curriculum Progress Report, this report can also be viewed Class wise and Student wise.
  • Revisions – Teachers can assign revisions to the students to further prepare for upcoming assessments. PLAiTO Revision, through its proprietary algorithm, personalizes revisions for each child based on their specific needs. Student is provided with gamut of real time interventions/assistance (micro hint, hint, CCLP, solution) to deliver enhanced learning experience.
  • AssessmentsPLAiTO Question Paper Creation module enables auto-design of the question papers scientifically using multiple question types (MCQ, Step by Step, FR, MDD, Match the following and many more). Teachers can then administer the assessments to the students who take it through the student app. The assessment creation is completely automatic which can be further edited.
  • Mock Test – This allows teachers to create or use pre-created tests for students. As with assessments, the whole process of creating this can be automatic or manual as per teacher’s requirement.
  • Can You Order Phentermine Online Legally Assessment ReportPLAiTO provides exhaustive reports to the teacher for revisions, mock tests and assessments. Teacher can generate reports detailing Performance analysis report (% success), Concept and Sub-Concept wise breakup report and Student wise breakup report with rank.

Student App

  • Buy Phentermine Slimming Pills Uk ProfilingPLAiTO profiles the learners based on their interests and aptitude to personalize learning experience for each individual learner. The profile is continuously updated as the student progresses through the learning path.
  • Buy Phentermine Lollipops InteractionPLAiTO interacts with learners providing real time feedback based on the student profile. Students are helped with micro hints, hints, solutions and video tutorials.
  • DiagnosticsPLAiTO diagnoses students’ concept understanding and associated learning gaps as they progress on their learning path. PLAiTO uses these diagnostic data personalize learning for the students.
  • Tests and Assessments – Teachers can assign tests and assessments to the students who can write the same using student login. Assessments can be timed and marked as per the requirement. Assistances are not available during tests and assessments.
  • Rewards and RecognitionPLAiTO rewards students for each correct response/solving of problem in form of fundaas/points. The rewards are telescopic in nature; with correct response at first attempt getting maximum fundaas/points and so on.
  • Problem Solving – funtoot starts generating questions for the child after the topic and subtopic is selected. The questions are based on student’s interests, aptitude, prior performance and several other parameters. The problem page presents the question, number of attempts available, number of fundaas child has earned till date and a personal tutor who provides hints and help when child is stuck.
  • Tutorials – Students are presented with tutorials (video or text as available) to learn about the concepts or to correct a particular learning gap. Video tutorials can also be thrown as hint or solution.
  • Buy Phentermine Tablets Online Student Reports – Student can see the topics they have completed, curriculum completion percentage, their next recommended topics, their learning trail (questions solved etc.) and their position in their class in the Student Dashboard. PLAiTO also presents Topic Performance Reports (TPR) at the completion of each concept. Students can check the question trail (how they fared in each question) here.

Assessment Engine

  • IRT – IRT (Item Response Theory) based item difficulty tagging built on data points as obtained from users.
  • Optimization technique – Integer Programming to auto select questions as per the parameters defined by the assessor.

User Administration Module

  • User Administration Module – The module enables management of different types of users in PLAiTO – Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Author App FCAT

  • Buy Phentermine Okc Meta Data Builder – Editor outlines the various attributes for a subject which the author can use to define a particular question. Author just needs to tag the applicable attributes while writing the questions. Every question has attributes viz. Concept, Sub-Concept, Sub-Sub-Concept, Bloom’s Classification, Hints, Solutions, Associated Learning Gaps (LG) etc.
  • Question AuthoringPLAiTO supports 7 types of adaptive content writing – Step by Step (Descriptive Type), Multiple Choice Questions with 2 and 4 options, Multiple Drop Down, Match the Following, Free Response – Single and Multiple Values, and Self Diagnostic.
  • Tutorial Authoring – Authors can create or upload and tag tutorials using FCAT. Tutorials can be plain text, text and images or videos.
  • Authoring workflow managementPLAiTO has a very well defined Authoring Workflow process. There are definitions of Editors, Authors and Reviewers (language and content) to make the workflow management a breeze.
  • Content Publishing – Once the content has been approved by reviewers and editors, PLAiTO publishes the content generating the requisite HTML page.
  • Buy Phentermine Website Curriculum builderPLAiTO allows definition of various curriculum to suit learning requirements of different regions.

Platform API

  • API Development – Custom API development for seamless integration with your existing platform.
  • API Integration and Testing – QA tested and vetted by professionals.

Adaptive Engine

  • PL pathPLAiTO adjusts complexity & speed per child and guides learning from lower complexity to higher complexity.
  • Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Online Personalized & Contextual AssistancePLAiTO provides timely need-based interventions when students are struggling at any topic. Error messages, micro hints & hints to video tutorials and full solutions help student self-correct.
  • CCLP (Cross Concept Learning Path) – An unique and powerful feature of PLAiTO which takes students to the underlying (lower grade) concept if the learner is found to be lacking in that particular concept.
  • ML Engines (Machine Learning)PLAiTO’s proprietary Machine Learning Engines learn about student’s learning behavior across millions of data points and apply the same for a new learner.
  • Recommendation Engines – Recommendation Engines based on the learner’s behaviour advises next set of topics for a learner to undertake.
  • Buy Phentermine A159 Personalized RevisionPLAiTO enables personalized revisions based on the learner usage data in the process ensuring enhanced preparation for coming tests.

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